Jesse Smit

Full-stack developer
Email address
Nationality Dutch

Professional Profile

12 years experienced full-stack developer with strong focus on web-based technologies. Technically and analytically accomplished with strong interpersonal skills. Highly skilled in web development and hybrid application development and accomplished in multiple types of programming languages. Became accustomed to managing and carrying the final responsibility for deadlines and product quality by working as a freelance developer and working in small teams for both employers and clients in various sectors.

Strong interest and familiarity in several IT related topics: IT security, server management and maintenance, product development, (UX) design. Also interested and capable in: motorcycle mechanics, woodworking and electronics.

Key Skills

Programming languages
  • JavaScript  ES.Next, Node.js, Express.js
  • PHP  Symfony Framework, WordPress
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • SCSS
  • Vue.js
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • Git
  • Webpack & Gulp
  • Apache
  • Amazon AWS
Fluent languages
  • Dutch
  • English
  • REST API design
  • WebSockets
  • Agile  Scrum, Kanban
  • MacOS / Windows / CentOS

Work history

ServiceOrganisatie Directe Aansprakelijkstelling (SODA)

- Present
Largest Dutch organisation for claims handling of theft
Role: Webdeveloper Tech: Symfony 4, JavaScript ES.Next, MySQL, SQLite, HTML/SCSS, Git

Responsible for the web infrastructure of the company, from front-end to backend to servers. Actively develop and maintain: the main company website, multiple client portals with criminal claims reporting functionalities, and several forms that communicate with FileMaker and the Dutch police.

Cook & Becker

- Present
International gallery and book publisher of video game and concept art
Role: Webdeveloper Tech: Symfony 4, JavaScript ES.Next, Vue.js, HTML/SCSS, Git

Continue the development of the webshop (Symfony / Vue.js) where art and books are sold.

Canary Pete

Cryptocurrency investment fund
Role: Co-founder, webdeveloper, IT Tech: Symfony 4, Vue.js, Node.js, HTML/SCSS, Git

Design and develop a web application dashboard for customers which visualizes rich portfolio data. Dashboard also functions as administrative tool and CRM. Responsible for software and hardware security operations within the company. Manage a small mining operation and build internal tools (hardware monitor, mining report generator) for the operation.

Robin Energie

Dutch energy provider (client of CanvasHeroes)
Role: Webdeveloper Tech: Symfony 3, MySQL, Git, REST API

Build and design a REST API in Symfony 3 to connect and centralize data across all internal services of Robin Energie. Also help integrate several new features for the customer and governor portal, which is built with Symfony 3.


Sustainable taxi service (client of CanvasHeroes)
Role: Webdeveloper Tech: Symfony 2 & 3, MySQL, JavaScript ES.Next, Git, REST API

Helped develop new features for driver, customer and admin backend systems. Refactored legacy Symfony 2 code to Symfony 3. Designed and developed a public web REST API using JavaScript ES6.


Customer journey co-creation platform dashboard and Android + iOS application
Role: Webdeveloper, mobile application developer Tech: PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, Adobe PhoneGap

Developed hybrid applications with PhoneGap for iOS and Android that customers can use to map experiences of products by utilizing video, image, gps and text or choice input. The applications connect to a client dashboard with the following features: dashboard and application white labeling, advanced result and file exporting in multiple formats, transcoding of video results, automatic optimization for image results, rich visualisation of project results, push notifications, CRM functionalities.


Subscription based high quality classical music streaming platform
Role: Webdeveloper Tech: PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Git

Built the front-end and backend of the web application version from scratch. Also developed a download manager desktop application and integrated a high quality audio transcoding server with Node.js, utilizing ffmpeg. The web application has a subscription system and an advanced search and filtering system (Amazon CloudSearch).


Italian Flash gaming company. Websites: Giochi Gratis, Giochi Sport
Role: Webdeveloper Tech: PHP, MySQL, Node.js, WebSockets, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Git

Develop and optimize several Flash game entertainment websites with decent traffic. Implement mobile gaming version with HTML5 games. Create and implement a chat server with Node.js for one of the gaming communities. Research, design and develop new community features.

References are available upon request.